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A High-Stakes Felony Accusation Requires a Serious Legal Defense

Oct. 30, 2014

The hallmark of a felony offense in Kentucky is its more severe punishment when compared to a lesser charge such as a misdemeanor. Anyone who is convicted of a felony can anticipate a lengthy jail sentence as well as the possibility of crippling fines.

What can be overlooked when contemplating the severe consequences of a felony conviction is what might happen even after the prison term is completed and the fines are paid. You may have thought that you have paid your debt to society, only to discover that a felony conviction often carries a hidden form of interest: it can follow you when you are seeking employment, for example.

It follows that if you find yourself accused of a felony offense then you need to take your legal defense very seriously. Not only is your short-term liberty at stake, but your long-term future can write on the outcome as well.

At the law office of Michael J Thompson, our defense of our clients who have been charged with felony offenses is founded on the awareness of how high the stakes are.

We understand how important it is to mount a thorough and vigorous criminal defense, including factual and witness investigations, legal discovery, careful plea negotiations where appropriate, and aggressive trial advocacy. Our sole focus is to secure your acquittal if at all possible, or at least to secure the best possible outcome if it is not.

Our website has more information on how we can assist in your legal defense, including ways to contact us. If you are the subject of a felony accusation, we strongly recommend that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible.