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Aggressive Representation in Tennessee And Kentucky

If you are arrested on a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) in Tennessee or Kentucky, you are in danger of serious consequences. Driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent is all it takes for a person to be subject to heavy fines, jail time, the suspension of his or her driver's license and other significant penalties.

At the Oak Grove law office of Michael J. Thompson, Attorney at Law, we represent civilians and military service members at Fort Campbell, in Clarksville and elsewhere in Tennessee and Kentucky. We understand the important issues involved in DUI defense, including:

  • The accuracy of Breathalyzer tests or blood tests

  • How field sobriety tests were conducted

  • The reason behind your traffic stop

  • Whether your constitutional rights were violated during the arrest

If law enforcement did not have a valid reason for pulling you over or failed to read you your rights, for instance, our Oak Grove DUI/DWI attorney can use these mistakes to your advantage.

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Enhanced Charges For Drunk Driving

If your BAC was significantly higher than .08, you can face enhanced DUI penalties. You will also be in danger of enhanced penalties if you have been convicted of drunk driving before. This means your driver's license will be suspended or revoked for much longer, the fines you must pay will be higher and the time you spend behind bars will be greater.

Injuring another person while driving drunk carries a one-year prison sentence, and causing a fatal car accident can result in a charge of vehicular manslaughter. Because the consequences of a conviction are so serious, you need an equally serious lawyer on your side.

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Our Oak Grove office is located within view of Fort Campbell's base housing. We offer evening and weekend appointments by special request and make jail visits.