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All Criminal Charges, Even Sex Charges, Require a Firm Defense

Feb. 24, 2017

When you are facing sex crime charges, your life is affected considerably. These charges come with a huge stigma that society places on you. Even though you have to deal with the societal stigma, you can still count on the criminal justice system to abide by the concept that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. The burden to prove that you are guilty is placed on the prosecution. Your job is to show that a reasonable person shouldn't believe everything the prosecution claimed.

Defenses against criminal charges, including sex crimes, all have the same purpose. A defense has to show that the claims that prosecution is making might not be fully factual. You have to introduce reasonable doubt into the prosecution's claims. A jury must believe that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to issue a conviction.

We know that the whole process might be unnerving, especially when you consider the gravity of sex crimes. Your first thought might be to bash the alleged victim's reputation so that the court might recognize that the alleged victim is only trying to cause trouble. This might backfire on you, so it is usually best if you can avoid taking this course of action.

Instead, you should take the time to go through the prosecution's case. Let us know what points you refute. Let us know what happened. From there, we can determine what options we have for your defense strategy. When the options are laid out in front of you, you will have a better idea about what direction you want to go or your defense.