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Child Pornography Charges Require a Firm Defense

Oct. 18, 2019

Child pornography is illegal in all states in this country. It is very easy to access materials that meet these requirements because they are prevalent on the internet. Just because they are easy to find doesn't mean that you should view them. It is possible that a person might face a criminal charge for child pornography even if they accidentally navigate onto a page that has it.

Prior to the internet accessibility becoming common, most child porn was found in printed form. This included sexually explicit images on media storage, such as discs and memory drives, or as photos. It was fairly easy to determine whether a person meant to have the materials because they would have them in their possession.

Digital files aren't as easy to prove intent in a criminal case. It is possible that a person who thought they were downloading a manual for work might have accidentally downloaded a file of the same that contained pornographic images. This is one of the things that you have to consider when you are trying to work on the defense for your case.

Besides intent, possession of child pornography laws also require that the images or videos are that of minors. In this country, it means that the subject is under 18 years old. If the person is 18 or older, then it is still pornography and not illegal.

For people who are facing these sex-related charges, trying to build a defense strategy is imperative because the stakes are too high. You face a lot of scrutiny when people find out that you are facing this type of charge, so don't waste time because you don't need a defense that is thrown together at the last minute.