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Circumstances Determine the Defense Options You Have

May 19, 2017

Sex-related crimes often have intimate details that you might not want made public. While you can hope that all of these details won't come out, there is a chance that they will if you end up on trial for the charges you are facing. We know that this might be a frightening prospect.

You might be able to get your case resolved before you have to stand trial. In most cases, this will require a guilty plea from you in exchange for a certain sentence. It is imperative that you only consider this if you are willing to live with the effects of accepting a plea deal.

We know that you probably have some concerns that you need to address. We are here to listen to your concerns so that we know what we need to work on for your defense. There are often multiple avenues that we can explore, so you will likely have options for your defense. These options will vary based on the circumstances of your case and the prosecution's claims.

Some of the points that you might have to address in a sex crime case might not occur in many other types of cases. A rape case, for example, might include a rape kit that contains your DNA. In this case, you might feel like you don't have any options. The fact of the matter is that you have the right to defend yourself, just like any other defendant. The key is that we have to figure out how to present your side of the story so that it accurately portrays your memory of what happened.