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Consider Your Options for A Robbery Defense

Jan. 9, 2019

Taking things that don't belong to you, or even attempting to do so, can lead to criminal charges. Sometimes, these charges are theft or larceny; however, when there is a victim who is threatened with harm or suffers harm, it might be considered a burglary. This is a very serious felony that requires you to consider your defense strategy very carefully. There are several options to think about.

One element of a robbery case is that the prosecution must show that you had the intent of using force to take something that belonged to someone else. Without this element, they won't be able to claim that you did commit robbery, so calling this fact into question might be appropriate.

Another defense option that you might employ is offering an alibi. This would mean that you can show that you weren't at the scene of the robbery when it happened. In order to do this, you would need to offer evidence of your whereabouts. A credible witness or video tape might meet the requirements.

It might be possible to bring up intoxication as a defense strategy if you were inebriated at the time of the crime. This has to be done very carefully because there are often distinctions made between voluntary and involuntary intoxication. Consider this carefully before you settle on this defense strategy.

You have to consider what the prosecution is claiming to determine what you need to include in your defense. Remember, the burden to prove that you did the crime is on the prosecution. You only have to introduce reasonable doubt about those claims.