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Criminal Convictions Make Job Hunting a Challenge

April 6, 2018

Finding a job when you have a criminal history isn't something that is easy. You have to determine exactly what you are supposed to divulge and what you don't have to say anything about. This is something that isn't the same in all cases. Your potential employer might depend on what's in your criminal history and how it pertains to the job you are applying for.

Typically, you will have to divulge convictions, but possibly not arrests. This is because you are innocent until you are proven guilty from a legal standpoint. The employer can't hold an arrest against you because you haven't been convicted. Even if you are charged with a crime, it shouldn't be held against you.

If you have already been convicted, don't lie about the conviction. Employers can legally conduct a background check on applicants. Lying on the application might automatically bar you from employment because employers want honest employees.

Just because you have a criminal conviction on your record doesn't automatically mean that you will be barred from getting a job. In fact, the conviction would have to directly relate to your job for the employer to consider it.

Another thing that matters is when your conviction occurred. You might find that it is more difficult to find a job with a recent conviction than it is to find one with a conviction that happened years ago.

It is crucial that you find out the hiring process for employers before you apply. You might want to stick to entry level jobs or small companies at first. This gives you a chance to shore up your job experience and show that you can be trusted.

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