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Decide the Goal of Your Defense Against Felony Charges

May 12, 2017

We recently discussed how there are some criminal charges that are resolved without the defendant going to prison or jail. Alternative sentences can often help to achieve this. While there isn't any guarantee that one of these sentences will be imposed during sentencing, we can work on this as a goal of your defense.

You have to think about a felony conviction will impact your life. This is especially true if you are going plead guilty as part of a plea deal. The fact of the matter is that your life is going to change if you are labeled as a felon.

We understand that having to think into the future is something that is difficult for you to do. It is crucial that you do this because some of these effects can have long-lasting effects. You might have trouble finding a job if you are classified as a felon. Many companies won't hire felons, so you might end up having to find a new career path.

You also need to think about how other collateral consequences of a conviction might impact your life. Your right to own a firearm and your right ability vote might be affected. Other impacts might also be possible.

We know that you might want to know the options that you have for defending yourself against the felony charges you are facing. Your defense must be based on the facts of the case. You have to plan your strategy carefully with the goal of your case in mind. You have to decide if you are trying to be found not guilty or if you are trying to minimize the penalties you face.