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Defenses Against Sex Crime Charges Shouldn't Be Rushed

April 19, 2019

Some criminal charges seem much worse than others simply because of the person who is considered the victim in it. One of these is when there is a sex crime charge pending against someone. These charges usually involve very personal facts about the victim, so they are often delicate matters. Trying to present a defense in these cases is a complex undertaking.

One thing that you don't want to do is to seem like you are attacking the victim in court. This makes it very challenging to be able to call the person's past intimate activities in question. For example, if you are accused of rape, but the person was a known personal escort, it might be hard to bring up that point without making it seem like you are bashing the victim.

We realize that you might have some concerns about how you are going to answer to these charges if you are facing them. We can review the options with you so that we are clear on how you want to proceed. Not only do you have to consider how a jury might accept a defense strategy, you also have to think about how it might affect your future.

The one thing that you shouldn't ever do when you are facing charges this serious is to try to ignore them. Instead, you need to address them as early as possible so that you can explore all the options. These aren't charges that you can just throw a defense together at the last minute without taking a huge risk with your freedom and future. We are here to help you.