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Felony Convictions Can Cost You Gainful Employment

April 28, 2016

If you are arrested for a felony charge, it's vital to do all that you can to avoid a conviction, as there are life-long consequences for those with felony convictions on their record, including losing the rights to bear arms or vote. Below are some additional consequences of felony convictions.

You can be denied an occupational license or have your license revoked or suspended, in the following fields:

-- Attorneys

-- Security guards

-- Private investigators

-- Nurses, nurse's aides and midwives

-- Barbers and beauticians

-- Architects

-- Physicians

-- Chiropractors

-- Veterinarians

-- Podiatrists

-- Naturopaths

-- Acupuncturists

-- Opticians

-- Funeral directors or embalmers

-- Cosmeticians

-- Therapists and psychologists

-- Social workers

-- Paramedics

-- Judges

-- Teachers

-- Contractors

-- Bail bonds agents

-- Pawnbrokers

The above are only the tip of the employment iceberg, as there are many more careers where a felon is barred from employment. This is why we fight so hard for our clients in the courtroom. We know that accepting a quick plea from the prosecutor is often not in the best interest of our clients, and we stand ready to launch an aggressive defense to the allegations they face.

All client situations are different and dependent upon many factors related to each particular case. Even when the prosecution has a strong case, we can systematically attempt to dismantle it by attacking witness testimony or challenging the evidentiary chain of command.

Even when a plea bargain might be the best option for a client, we can negotiate with prosecutors to come up with the best possible resolution for our clients.