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Fighting Back when Misunderstandings Lead to Sex Crime Charges

Jan. 6, 2017

When people hear that someone is charged with a sex-related offense, they are quick to judge without knowing the circumstances of the event. We know that this can lead a good number of people who are facing these types of charges to be wrongfully convicted, at least in a social setting.

Defendants who are facing sex-related charges have the right to present a defense just like people who are charged with other types of crimes. The thing that makes sex-related crimes so different is that the events involve very personal matters.

In some cases, defendants are wrongfully accused of sex-related crimes. Maybe you and your partner had a disagreement and all of sudden, you are facing a rape charge. In these cases, finding a way to prove that you didn't do anything wrong becomes that primary focus of the defense.

We understand that these charges can be very frightening. This means that your fight or flight instinct might tell you to run and avoid the charges. This isn't a good idea. Instead, you need to force your flight instinct to come forward so that you can work on your defense.

It isn't always easy to fight against these charges. There is a fine line that has to be respected because if you go into trial attacking the person being portrayed as a victim, you might harm your defense. We know that you don't want to do this. We will work hard to find a defense strategy that lets the jury see your side of the story and that might call some key evidence into question.