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Former College Football Player Arrested Again on Drug Charges

March 17, 2016

A 22-year old man who left multiple college football teams following his arrests for alcohol and drug-related crimes once again finds himself in trouble with the law. The young man was taken into custody by officers with the Calloway County Sheriff's Department following a traffic stop.

The former Murray State player was initially taken to Murray-Calloway Country hospital. It was not reported why he required treatment. However, following that, he was booked into Calloway County Jail.

The incident happened around 6 a.m. on March 7 after the young man was reportedly seen driving erratically. When officers pulled him over, they allegedly found marijuana, cocaine, drug paraphernalia and prescription medication that wasn't in a proper container. The sheriff's department says that there was also a gun in the man's car.

He was charged with a DUI 2nd offense and is also facing charges for possession of drugs. Because of the firearm allegedly in his car, the other charges are enhanced.

The young man's legal problems and their impact on his college football career began soon after high school. He went to Auburn in 2012 where he was set to be a quarterback. However, after an arrest for public intoxication, he was dismissed from the team.

He transferred to Louisville, but played little in a new position as a tight end. Following another alcohol-related arrest, he left the school in 2014.

His next move was to Murray State. However, he was dismissed from that football program last year following an arrest on drug-related charges. He was also charged with resisting arrest and escape.

Often when people have repeated arrests for drug and/or alcohol-related crimes, they and their community would benefit more if they could enter some type of rehabilitation program instead of or in addition to spending time behind bars. Obviously the person's criminal history and the specific charges against him or her are just two of the factors that go into determining whether he or she qualifies for such a program. A criminal defense attorney can provide advice on your legal options.

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