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Group Wants to Ban Domestic Violence Convicts from Owning Guns

Feb. 15, 2019

A group of political activists from Kentucky are advocating to prevent those convicted of domestic violence from being able to possess guns. The advocacy group, Moms Demand Action, is hoping that Kentucky will align its laws with federal laws that cover gun possession.

The group is proposing a new law, SB 177, that would require the temporary confiscation of guns from anyone convicted of domestic abuse. Gun owners would later be allowed to appear in court to ask a judge to let them have their guns again, but only if the judge agrees that the situation warrants it.

So far, 29 other states have passed similar laws that prevent gun possession by those convicted of domestic violence, but Kentucky has yet to take a stance on this issue.

One member of Moms Demand Action said that her sister died in a domestic violence attack. She said that her sister wouldn't have died if Kentucky had stricter gun control laws for domestic violence offenders. She said that it was well-known her brother-in-law was dangerous and that he was a gun owner.

There are always two sides to a domestic violence accusation. For example, sometimes one spouse will accuse the other spouse of domestic violence simply to gain an advantage in an upcoming divorce.

Fortunately, judge and juries in any domestic violence case will maintain a neutral position with regard to guilt. In fact, they will not convict or punish the defendent until, and only if, he or she is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

If you've been accused of domestic violence and would like assistance in your criminal court process, a skilled criminal defense attorney can help.