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Heroin Drug Ring Busted in Kentucky, 6 Arrested

May 30, 2014

Six people in Kentucky were arrested for being involved in a heroin drug dealing ring. Police executed a search warrant of a home where four people lived, and found heroin, marijuana and other drugs, as well as cash and digital scales. Apparently some of the residents of the home would drive out of the state to obtain heroin, and then they would package and sell it.

Numerous people who seemed to have minor roles in this alleged drug ring were charged with serious drug crimes, including charges that alleged they were complicit in drug trafficking and organized crime.

Drug crimes are already very serious charges on their own, but in many cases, the police and prosecutors will throw every charge they can at the accused people. This includes those "complicit" charges mentioned above. They're often called drug conspiracy charges, and they carry serious consequences -- even though their definition is very vague. In many respects, these charges are like catch-all crimes to severely punish anyone involved in the alleged drug ring, even if that punishment doesn't match their actual involvement.

No matter what drug crimes you are being charged with, you will want appropriate criminal defense representation to ensure your rights are being upheld. If the police violated your due process; if they improperly executed a search warrant; or if they mishandled the case in any way, your attorney can help reduce or eliminate the charges against you. Even if none of these mistakes were made, your lawyer can still help you through the criminal justice process.

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