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Holidays in Prison Are Rough on Inmates and Families

Dec. 12, 2018

Having to face a criminal charge when you think you will be found guilty of it is difficult. You likely go through the trial trying to figure out what is going to happen or the sentence you might face. Unfortunately, a conviction sometimes means time in jail or prison. If you are facing a prison sentence, try to find out what to expect ahead of time so you can prepare.

During the holiday season, prisoners will have a rough time. This is especially true if it is their first year behind bars. Finding a way to make the season meaningful can be challenging for the inmate and the family members they left on the outside.

Many prisons have holiday gatherings that family members can participate in. These might be the only chance that children have to visit with an incarcerated family member. It can also be a great opportunity to lift up the inmate's spirits.

There aren't any easy ways that you can make it through the holiday season. Even if you have family support, you might find that you start to get depressed. Working on something, such as homemade gifts or letters for your loved ones might help. You should find out what ministries or activities the prison might have.

If you are facing the possibility of time in prison for your felony case, you need to work on trying to minimize the penalties you are going to face. Your defense strategy should have this as a focus, especially if you know there is a good chance you will face a conviction.