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How Can You Fight Back Against False Child Abuse Charges?

July 8, 2016

There are few crimes that raise the hackles of society as much as allegations of child abuse or molestation. The reactions of people towards those accused of such acts can range from revulsion to deadly revenge.

But what happens to those who haven been falsely accused of abusing children? Their lives are in tatters just as if a bomb had been dropped upon them, and in a way, it was.

It can't be stressed enough that those who are falsely accused of child abuse must immediately take decisive actions to ameliorate the damage. Retaining legal counsel is always a wise move. Below are some others.

-- Avoid any actions or behaviors that could lend a sense of impropriety to your interactions with children. Once accused, never place yourself in a situation where you are alone with a child to avoid additional allegations.

-- If the accusations involve your own children, keep in mind the malleability of young minds, and the susceptibility of children who are only trying to please. This is especially true when one parent makes spurious allegations in order to get the upper hand in a custody battle.

-- Never remain passive in the face of false allegations of child abuse. Fight back tooth and nail. You are likely facing the biggest battle of your life, so marshal your forces.

-- If prosecutors pressure you to admit to a lesser charge of inappropriate touching but you know you are innocent, don't capitulate. The repercussions of such a conviction are far-reaching and may be life-long.

Throughout the legal process, stay in close touch with your criminal defense attorney. Let him or her know of any new developments or problems so that they may be dealt with accordingly.

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