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Kentucky Police Using Computer Forensics in Sex Crimes Cases

Sept. 11, 2015

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has committed money and other resources to target individuals for investigation for possession of child pornography. According to state police officials, sex crimes of this type have increased tremendously with more people using their computers and the Internet to sell, view or download illegal materials depicting children.

Investigators assigned to a special cyber crime unit within the state police claim that arrests have increased due to the increased rate of criminal activity coupled with police focusing on crimes involving children. State officials cited sex crimes such as a sexual assault charge, sexual misconduct and others in which children have been victimized.

The increased emphasis on the investigation and aggressive prosecution of possession of child pornography and similar criminal offenses could lead to false accusations. One way in which this might occur is when someone using the Internet inadvertently stumbles upon a website containing material that qualifies as child pornography under the law.

Even false accusations arising from the mistaken or inadvertent downloading of child pornography could cause damage to the reputation of someone against who police file charges of possession of child pornography. It is essential for a person facing such charges to mount an aggressive defense to counter allegations that could cause damage to the individual’s personal life and professional life.

If you are aware of being the target of a child pornography investigation, or if you have been charged with possession of child pornography, retaining the services of a Bowling Green criminal defense attorney is an essential first step in fighting the charges. The sooner an attorney can begin working on your case the better are the chances of possibly minimizing damage to reputation and the effect the charges will have on your personal life.

Source: WLKY, “Profile of a predator: Inside KSP's electronic crimes branch,” Jennifer Baileys, Sep 10, 2015