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Legal Counsel Can Help to Keep You Off the Sex Offender Registry

Oct. 16, 2014

It would be naive to think that some crimes or accusations are not viewed by society with added disdain. The difference in punishment and sentences levied out to convicted defendants is an easy method for measuring this difference, but the black mark of a conviction does not necessarily disappear after your fine is paid, probation is lifted or prison sentence is complete.

Sex crimes are one of the areas of criminal law where the punishment is felt by the accused long after the decision of a jury or judge is made. Being accused of a sex crime is a form of punishment in itself, prior to any investigation or conviction having taken place or handed out. A unique feature of sex crimes is the requirement that a convicted sex offender register with the state sex offender registry.

Kentucky does have a state registry for sex offenders, but what is often overlooked is that not all criminal convictions require registration. Only criminal convictions for offenses listed in Kentucky statute are required to be registered with the Kentucky State Police.

It is important to know the exact offense you were convicted of, because you may not be required to register for the sex offender registry in Kentucky. Obviously not having to register in the first place is more desirable than having to convince the state police to remove your name.

Having knowledgeable legal counsel that knows the details of Kentucky laws, and sex crime laws in particular, can help you return to a normal life, free from harassment and the stigma that comes with being placed on a state police sex offender registry.