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Plan for The Unexpected Impacts of A Domestic Violence Accusation

Nov. 23, 2018

Domestic violence accusations can take a toll on your emotions. You have to think carefully about how you are going to handle these because they can impact so many areas of your life. We know that you might have questions right now, and we are here to answer those.

One thing that you might not realize is that you might not be able to go home after the accusation is made. There is a chance that the court is going to issue an order that requires you to remain away from the alleged victim. This includes physical contact, but it also includes other forms of communication such as phone calls, emails and direct messages.

If you aren't able to go near the victim, you will have to find another place to live for the duration of the case. Don't try to go home, even if you make up with the person because you can violate the order and face additional charges.

We know that this a difficult situation since you might not have another place to live, but you will have to try to make arrangements quickly. Another thing for you to consider is that you will have to get permission from the court to go pick up your belongings so that you have clothing and other things you need.

There are many other ways that these charges might affect your life. Your career and your social life might suffer. It is imperative that we get started on your defense as soon as possible. We will find out your goals, either being found not guilty or minimizing penalties you will face, and develop a strategy to work toward that.