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Public Nudity Can Often Lead to Criminal Charges

June 20, 2019

Sex crimes come in many different forms. While some of these involve penetration and physical contact, others don't. One example of a criminal act that doesn't require any contact is indecent exposure. You might not think much about this crime, but it can have serious impacts on your future if you are convicted.

Many factors come together to determine whether a person committed the crime of indecent exposure. One of the primary ones is that you have to expose bare genitals. When those are covered by clothing, even if it is skimpy, you aren't guilty of indecent exposure.

Another factor is that you have to show your genitals for sexual gratification. This can be gratification for yourself or to get a sexual response from another person. States do have one exception on the record when it comes to showing genitals.

Women who are breastfeeding a baby can do so freely in public, even if it means they are exposing their bare breast. This is because the breast is showing due to the need of the hungry baby and not for any sexual reason. Most women who are going to breastfeed in public do so while showing as little of the breast as possible, so this usually isn't a concern.

Some people question where urinating in public falls within the confines of the law because most people don't urinate in public for sexual reasons. This one isn't an easy question to answer. Sometimes, police officers will act with leniency if you have made a reasonable effort to hide your genitals, such as going behind a dumpster or another object to relieve yourself. Others are stricter and view the nakedness necessary for urination as a violation of the law.

You have to consider the circumstances of public nudity when you are working on your defense. This might give your strategy components that will be beneficial.