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Rape Charges Can Stem from Various Situations

Feb. 26, 2020

Anytime you have sexual contact with someone, you must have that person's consent. There is a chance that you might face criminal charges if you don't. One of the possibilities for this is rape. Many people view rape as the most serious of sex crimes, and for good reason.

In order to be charged with rape, there has to be penetration, even if it is only slight penetration. Each instance of penetration equates to one count of rape. There are many different instances in which rape can occur. Those are considered when charges are levied, and some of these points might have an impact on the sentence you are facing if you are convicted.

It is possible to face a rape charge if you force someone to have intercourse with you because of violence. Even if you are only threatening and never do anything violent to them, you can still be accused of rape.

You can even face rape charges if you blackmail someone into having sexual contact with you. Rape charges are also possible for people who are in a relationship. This is sometimes referred to as date rape and is considered a very serious crime.

Another form of rape has to do with the age of the other person. If you have intercourse with a person who is a minor, you can face statutory rape charges. The penalties for this one are often very serious.

The lifelong impacts of a sex-related conviction are serious. For some, having to register on the sex offender registry can affect their ability to find a job or a suitable place to reside. With this in mind, you must ensure that you consider your options for a defense to determine how you want to combat these charges.