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Sexual Assault Charges Are Often a Catch-All Option

Jan. 9, 2020

Many people don't understand the wide scope of things that are considered illegal sexual contact. Laws against sexual assault encompass a vast array of situations, some of which people might think aren't illegal. It is imperative that everyone understands some of the basic points of this type of crime so they can avoid them or address the matter if they are charged with it.

In the most general of terms, sexual assault is any type of unwanted sexual action. This can include touching and intercourse. Interestingly, it can also encompass being forced to masturbate when a person doesn't want to do this.

Sexual assault can occur through force or coercion. It can also happen when the victim is incapacitated or unable to make their own decisions about sexual activities. This includes a victim who is impaired or intoxicated.

Oftentimes, sexual assault is used as a catch-all charge when a more serious charge like rape isn't possible. The key to sexual assault is that the actions aren't consensual.

Another interesting point to note is that Kentucky laws do cover sexual abuse in domestic violence cases. This means that a person could face a criminal charge for sexually assaulting a spouse or significant other.

A person who is facing a sexual assault charge needs to find out what options they have for their defense. The strategy must be based on facts and needs to accurately address your side of the matter. Start working on this as soon as you can after you are charged because a rushed defense might not be one that is in your best interests.