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Signs of Domestic Violence Aren't Always Physical

Jan. 18, 2019

People who are facing domestic violence charges often question how their life came to this point. They wonder how they can face the consequences and fallout that come with this type of legal action. It is imperative that you present your side of the story when you face the court.

Some of the allegations that might come up in court won't have to do with physical violence. Spouses can accuse one another of emotional, psychological and financial abuse as well. It is necessary to think about the full picture so that you can determine how to answer these serious charges.

Some of the factors that can come up in these cases may be challenged. There is a chance that you might not realize that some of the things you are doing are actually abusive.

The below factors are all signs that a person is trying to exert power and control over their intimate partner:

  • Coercion and threats

  • Intimidation

  • Emotional abuse

  • Isolation

  • Denying, minimizing or blaming

  • Using the children or male privilege

  • Economic abuse

If you are accused of domestic violence, the court is likely going to issue a restraining order against you. This means you can have no contact with the alleged victim. Even if you and that person mend your relationship, you can't violate the order with the possibility of legal troubles. In fact, making up won't even prevent you from having to face any consequences for violating the order. As such, victims are not permitted to drop the charges, as only the prosecutor can have the case dismissed.