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You Can't Blame the Full Moon for Criminal Activities

Oct. 11, 2019

The next full moon is coming on Oct. 13. This is also a full hunter's moon. For some, this is a cool event that can bring about some changes in the atmosphere. It is widely believed that crime increases when there is a full moon; however, this isn't something that is backed by evidence.

There are several instances of studies looking into the correlation between full moons and criminal activity or number of patients needing emergency services. None of them found any that was remarkable enough to show that the full moon is to blame for what happens.

Despite the evidence to the contrary, many people still believe that the full moon does cause people to act out of sorts. Mayo Clinic did a study in 2005 that found there wasn't any increase in psychiatric encounters in the emergency department when there is a full moon. This discounts the claim that the full moon led to mental instability that led to a crime.

While there are many different defense strategies that you can use when you are facing criminal charges, making a claim that you were insane due to the stage of the moon likely doesn't need to make your short list of possibilities. Instead, you need to build your defense based on the facts of the case and on points that you can prove.

It is always best to review all the options based on how they can impact your future. Your defense should be one that you are comfortable using, and one that puts your best interests first. By getting this process started as early as possible, you can take the time you need to craft a suitable plan.