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Heroin Drug Ring Busted in Kentucky, 6 Arrested

Six people in Kentucky were arrested for being involved in a heroin drug dealing ring. Police executed a search warrant of a home where four people lived, and found heroin, marijuana and other drugs, as well as cash and digital scales. Apparently some of the residents of the home would drive out of the state to obtain heroin, and then they would package and sell it.

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Like a Phoenix, Debtors' Prison Rises from Ashes of 1983 Ruling

In 1983, there was a significant ruling made by the Supreme Court. The ruling echoed something that had already been done more than 100 years prior to it -- namely that debtors' prison, which is the idea that a person who can't pay his or her court costs and fines should be jailed, are illegal. But there was a stipulation in the ruling that said if a person had the financial means to pay the fees and fines but refused to pay, then he or she could be thrown in jail.

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Defamation Lawsuit Filed by Man Wrongfully Accused of Crime

Let's say that you are accused of a crime that you did not commit. You plead with the cops in the most respectful and proper way that you can imagine, but it doesn't matter. For weeks your life is consumed by this pending criminal case and all of the consequences you are going to have to deal with.

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The Failure of Crime Labs Is a Major Issue in The Us

Many Kentucky residents have seen their fair share of "Law & Order" and "CSI." These shows glorify the side of the law that includes the police, the prosecution and evidence gathering. You see complex crime labs with genius technicians using sophisticated tools and technology to prove that a certain piece of evidence is linked to the suspect or to prove that the evidence is indeed what the investigators think it is.

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